Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My enemy's enemy is my friend?

Both Anglican Curmudgeon and Preludium find quarrel with where the Anglican Communion Standing Committee is heading re new representation. In the course of reading their posts you might get a sense of what this august body is up to, even though it is only July. Then again you might not.

In other, and Down Under relevant news, we can read from the ACO site:

Canon Kearon then reported that during his visit to New Zealand earlier this year he had met with an informal group about the planning of ACC-15. Bishop John Paterson has been selected to Chair an official planning group and the venue has been selected as Holy Trinity Cathedral in Auckland. The group also identified the strong mission theme of ACC-14 as something they would like to continue."

I think this meeting will be in May, 2012.

Holy Trinity Cathedral in Auckland is a lovely venue for a conference. Auckland city itself is a multicultural, polyglot of a city. And it has multiple Anglican jurisdictions at work in it :)


spicksandspecks said...

Any chance the welcome to the TEC members of ACC 15 could be given by the All Blacks scrum? Especially Richard Loe if you could bring him out of retirement ;)
Andrew Reid
PS For those from non-rugby playing countries, this link should give you a flavour of the welcome I have in mind.

Peter Carrell said...

No, Andrew, we are Christians here, not ruffians!