Monday, May 16, 2011

Eleven dimensions to the universe, but heaven is not one of them

Don't believe me. I am a know nothing. But Stephen Hawking, he knows a thing or two. When he says there are eleven dimensions to the universe, trust him because he has done the maths. When he says there is no heaven (a twelfth dimension?), trust him because he has done the ... oh, well, never mind. But he is bound to be right. You can read it all here.

If I were the reporter here are two questions I would have asked him.

(1) On what basis does he believe that "should" statements are valid?

(2) Where do the tiny quantum fluctuations at the beginning of the universe come from?


hogster said...

The first sentence of Psalm 14 and Paul's opening chapter of Romans comes to mind, small as my mind is.

Peter Carrell said...

Is this a jellybeans in the jar thing? If we guess the size of your mind then we get a prize? :)

Bryden Black said...

yes Peter; one jelly bean per dimension guessed right, and then the jar itself if you guess the size of Heaven .. well; perhaps not the size of heaven exactly - unless you are Ezekiel!

liturgy said...

Yes, tiresome reporting. I was sorely disappointed in his recent book. See

Easter Season blessings!


Andrew Reid said...

The issue that so many scientists fail to address in these discussions is that of revelation, ie what do we make of God's revelation to us through nature, his words, and ultimately through Jesus? Because that isn't a scientific issue, it gets ignored. I'll continue to believe God's word about his existence over Stephen Hawkings, despite his enormous contribution to our understanding of the universe.