Sunday, July 17, 2011

One great Auckland announcement, one worrying notice

Hard on the heels of the announcement that Tim Harris, Principal of Bishopdale Theological College, Nelson will become Bishop for Mission and Evangelism in Adelaide, comes the announcement that Jim White, Dean of the College of the Southern Cross at St John's College, Auckland will be the new Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Auckland.

That is a great announcement, for Jim and for Auckland.

Perhaps not so great for the College itself - they lose a wonderful academic leader through this election.

In the Anglican Taonga report linked to above I note this:

"Jim will continue as Dean of Tikanga Pakeha at St John’s College until the end of the year.

According to the College Commissioner, Mrs Gail Thomson, the vacancy created by Jim’s election will be advertised shortly, and a new dean will start at the beginning of the 2012 academic year."
Given that our General Synod in July, 2012 will give further consideration to the question of the structure of governance over and management of St John's College, I wonder if it is a mistake to advertise for a replacement for Jim. My own suggestion would be to appoint an Acting Dean for a one or two year period, to see the Tikanga Pakeha (College of the Southern Cross) side of College life through to the point when (one can only hope and pray) the future of St John's College is more settled.

Here is a question for NZ Anglican Trivial Pursuiters: has there ever previously been a sequence of two episcopal announcements about NZ academic theologians becoming bishops?


Edward Prebble said...

In the spirit of your trivial pursuit question, Peter, I think it's a sequence of three such appointments of academic theologians. Wasn't the last Episcopal appointment Dr Winston Halapua?

Chris D said...

Big shoes to fill indeed. Jim has been a huge asset to St Johns, and will be greatly missed.

Want a job in Auckland?

Peter Carrell said...

It does sound, Sir H C, that Auckland would be problematic for a commoner Anglican such as myself: not only too many bishops, also too many knights of the realm :)

Peter Carrell said...

You are the new Mastermind of Anglican Trivial Pursuits!

Father Ron Smith said...

Jim White, a known supporter of the LGBT community in our Church, will be a great asset in the Auckland diocese. Let's pray that his enthusiasm for an Inclusive Church does not wither on the vine of episcopal preferment.