Friday, September 16, 2011

The Public Square - Kiwi style

Readers may be interested in the following notice which popped into my Inbox this morning:

The Public Square

Friday morning, 23 September, between 09:15 and 10:15

A public forum, organised by the Centre for Theology and Public Issues, in which a panel responds to questions submitted in advance by members of the audience.
The panel will discuss current issues and the discussion will take place before a live audience and be live-streamed across the country (and the world!) via the Internet. It will also be broadcast live on Dunedin’s own Radio One and be available to download later from the University’s website.
Members of the panel for the first event will be:

National business commentator and writer, Rod Oram

Rt Rev Victoria Matthews, Anglican Bishop of Christchurch

Professor William Harris, Middle East expert and Head of Politics at Otago; and

Radio One presenter and 2010 Dunedin mayoral candidate, Aaron Hawkins

If you wish to view the programme live you can do this simply by logging onto:

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Father Ron Smith said...

There has, of course, been a precedent - for religious leaders debating in the public square, One such occasion took place at the Areopagus, when Saint Paul, by his gracious words, brought some degree of understanding to the 'wise-men' of Athens. He brought together the seemingly dissident culture of the ancient world with the 'freedom' of the Christian ethos. What had seemed to be a clash of cultures was presented as being the providential outworking of God's provision - a melding of cultures.