Saturday, October 15, 2011

Has another NZ diocese decided in favour of the Covenant?

Possibly. Hint in a text tonight. Will keep you posted when more info comes to hand.

CONFIRMED here by Anglican Taonga. Waikato and Taranaki join Nelson and Wellington as three of six dioceses so far to make a formal synodical decision for or against the Covenant (albeit with some nuances here and there as to what 'for' and 'against' mean). My own diocese will consider the matter in a synod in March. No pressure then on our fourth vote for one side or the other among the NZ dioceses. The whole picture for our church becomes complete as the Maori hui amorangi and Diocese of Polynesia make their decisions.

Intriguingly, it seems possible that we could go into our General Synod next year with the episcopal unit signals giving a 50:50 (-ish) indication of how the debate and voting might go in General Synod.

Hmm. 90:10 would be sweeter!


Father Ron Smith said...

Come opn, Peter, Don't tease your aidience? If you've got some special information - that is, of course, if it is at all credible - you have a duty to let us know.

I do know that the London Diocese turned down the Women Bishops' Measure - by the clergy vote. Not too surprising - given that many London clergy happen to be members of 'Forward in Faith' - translated by some in the Church of England as 'Backward in Despair'

Father Ron Smith said...

I now see that the diocese you are being a little coy about, Peter, is none other than the Diocese of Nelson. no surprise there. It would probably be quite keen to approve of magisterial discipline of Section 4, which punishes the polity of TEC.