Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why bother with second fiddle when first pays better?

There is a most unfortunate myth in the Anglican Communion that the top job is the position of Archbishop of Canterbury (even though, we hasten to add, this is not an equivalent job to that of the Pope and nothing will change about that even if the Anglican Covenant is passed). No, the top job lies across the briny sea, in New York. And, as you can see from our intrepid reporter David Virtue, who conveys the report of another journalist, the top job pays rather better than a humble clergyperson anywhere else in the world is paid. I am prepared to bet my last sovereign and nickel that it pays better than the ABC's job.

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Father Ron Smith said...

Your friend, the 'intrepid' - one might add also vitriolic - reporter David Virtue (No. that is his real name) loves this sort of scandal.

His U.S. web site absolutely thrives on it. If you think, Peter, that you have problems with 'as hominem' remarks on A.D., they are nothing compared with the site 'virtueonline' - now there's an oxymoron!

Nevertheless, there definitely are serious issues with the perceived largesse received by the Rector of Trinity Church, Wall Street.

However, Mr Cooper is not only the rector of the Parish, he also happens to be the C.E.O. of a very large property company associated with the parish; and C.E.O.'s, as we know from the debacle recently in the C.C.C., can earn very large financial packages. The Trinity Institute's holdings are a wee bit larger that the holdings of the Christchurch City Council.

Trinity Institute is probably the largest contributor to overseas Mission of any other Church in the Anglican Communion - including its contribution to the ACC and to provinces in the GAFCON and Global South regions - despite GAFCON's rhetoric about TEC's liberal stance towards the emancipation of Gays and women. They still take the money from Trinity, Wall Street.