Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Face of the Day

Lucy Van Dalen, NZ 1500 metre runner. A month or so ago she was unknown to the general NZ public as she pursued a running career via a sports scholarship at Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York.Then she improved her personal best and qualified for the Olympics. Last night she ran her heat and qualified for the semi-finals. A couple of news reports here and here.

What those reports don't bring out is her Christian witness in an interview on TV just after the race last night where she talked about praying through the whole race!

Later: Lucy is in good company re media ignoring her faith. Usain Bolt suffers too.

In other NZ news, our Shaky Isles now have volcanic eruptions to contend with. No wonder we produce fast runners!

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Chris Nimmo said...

There must be something about the 1500m! Nick Willis talked about God in an interview with the Crowd Goes Wild pretty recently too.