Friday, October 5, 2012

A good thing?

As the court case re the cathedral here in Christchurch flows on and works on the rights or not to deconstruct the cathedral, an interesting turn of media focus has been the revelation in this morning's Press of several designs made by the architects, Warren and Mahoney. The general report on the case is here, and the design PDF is here. The designs are sketches, and they focus on what a future cathedral might look like if a decision was made to preserve a significant amount of the current cathedral. The sketches, in other words, are not intended to imply anything about what a whole new cathedral might look like, if, in the end, complete deconstruction takes place.

Postscript: further communications this morning, including a letter from +Victoria to the diocese, suggest that these sketches have no particular status in current considerations by the Cathedral Project Group. While it is a good thing that the Canterbury public have opportunity to discuss designs, these are not the designs to discuss.

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