Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Resolutions

My first 'proper' post for 2014 is planned for 20 January when both annual leave and a house shift should be completed. However life continues to throw up stuff and I like to get the links sorted before they get harder to find on the net. I'll keep posting things on this one 'prelude' post which take my fancy, loosely packaged under the heading 'New Year Resolutions.'

(1) I definitely want to see Noah when it is in the cinema.And not just because there is a Kiwi in the title role ...

(2) I am going to be upbeat about NZ cricket and our chances in the 2015 World Cup, not least because of these two guys and their mighty deeds in posting the first and sixth fastest one day centuries yesterday.

(3) I am going to buy the two books on the 39A mentioned in this Oliver O'Donovan review article.

(4) I will continue thinking about 'sola scriptura', aided by thoughtful essays such as this one by James Ginther (my finding it prompted by a comment here re Grossteste, 12th century theologian and sola scriptura).

(5) I will attempt to read most of Wright's massive tomes on Paul and the Faithfulness of God while being very grateful for those who have slog-read before me, such as Doug Chaplin, and posted their summarising thoughts, as he has done here.

(6) I am going to learn heaps about Anglo-Catholic practice with the help of this newly discovered blog.

(7) I am going to resist stupidity and foolishness in the 'climate change' debate. As I write (6 January) news reports include both ships stuck in ice in the Antarctic, a massive and very, very cold Arctic storm bearing down on the US eastern seaboard, major sea storms crashing into the UK and news that 2013 was the warmest/hottest year on record in Australia. It was pretty warm in NZ too (thinking about a very mild winter). It is the height of folly to deny climate change. It may be the depth of folly to affirm it. What we need, surely, is some real science in our thinking, i.e. objectivity, not making-fun-of headlines on blogs.


Anonymous said...

Prayers on your moving, Peter - a very stressful life-event but a great opportunity to get rid of unwanted books! Nah, that's not gonna happen.


carl jacobs said...

This year, I resolve to stop mocking the competitive version of "Waiting for Godot" known as Cricket.


Well, that didn't last very long, did it.


Peter Carrell said...

Hi Carl
Relations between NZ and the US have never been better ... and not through cricket!

MichaelA said...

Peter, great article on Grosseteste, and on Bonaventure and Aquinas too!