Friday, February 14, 2014

Did Valentine know about infinite kenosis?

There is some truly great communication on the internet. And I am not just talking about keeping up with Mitchell Johnson as he pulverises the South Africans (his figures are 5/51 as I write). Take this brilliant Tweet:

Augustine of Hiphop! That's brilliant wordplay for starters :)

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MichaelA said...

I expect Valentine did, since all we know about him is that he was martyred for his Christian beliefs in Rome.

Interestingly, the emperor who ordered his execution was called Claudius Gothicus, which may mean that he wore black make-up and nail polish, and listened to Bauhaus and Depeche Mode.

The intriguing thing is why St Valentine's day is associated with romance. No-one really seems to know why. it is true that his feast day is right in the middle of Lupercalia, the ancient Roman fertility festival. But no account seems to connect Valentine's day with love or romance prior to the English poet Chaucer in the 14th century.

What a conundrum.