Monday, November 24, 2014

Commenting Policy

All commenters are welcome here who:

1. Offer engagement with issues discussed in posts here. (That excludes bots and spammers!)

2. Are respectful of other commenters (That is, comment on comments, not on commenters).

3. Do not make statements about other commenters not being members of Christ's church (That is, if (e.g.) you believe only Calvinist Methodists make up the true church of God and make a point of saying that others here are not members of the true church, keep that belief to yourself or pronounce it on another blog).

4. Do not make adverse comments about other commenters who remain members of a church (That is, do not comment to the effect that X ought to leave the Anglican Church of Y because it is unfaithful/heretical/etc).


5. Unless I know personally who you are, no pseudonyms. Give a name, first or first and surname. Some rare exceptions will be allowed (e.g. remaining anonymous if sharing something highly personal; for uncontroversial comments some allowance can be made when commenters forget to append their name).

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