Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Motion 30: resources which may assist your parish

On Sunday, responding to a request from a local parish, I gave a presentation on Motion 30 - the motion which sets in train a working group to bring to our church recommendations which (it is hoped) will both give expression to change to our status quo regarding the blessing of same sex partnerships while offering a way forward for our church to remain together.

As a possible assistance to you as an individual reader, or to your parish, I offer the three documents which we worked with on the day.

The obvious shortcoming with offering the documents alone is that I was able to speak to the slides on the Powerpoint presentation and amplify sections of the Word document regarding biblical texts. Along the way we were able to discuss specific questions and engage together through a lunch break.

It is important to understand that a specific brief from the parish concerned was that I offer some insight as to why those seeking change to the status quo understand the (most discussed) biblical texts in the way they do. The Word document below seemed to do that. It is deliberately concise where a tome of 'one the one hand, on the other' could be offered if the brief was, say, tell us every exegetical and hermeneutical detail of these verses.

The text of Motion 30 is here.

These were the Powerpoint slides:

The following document, re six biblical texts relates to slide six:


Father Ron Smith said...

Peter, I notice you have offered no explanation of the horror of Genesis chapter 19, verse 8; where Lot is obviously prepared to sacrifice the virginity of his daughters - in direct exchange for the 'sin' of homosexual rape. Seems to me there was a perception of 'a more perfect sacrifice' that boded ill for the protection of the women in lot's life.

This whole story raises questions about relative 'sins' that need explanation.
It might, for instance, imply that it would be preferable for a woman to be treated in the very same way as the people of Sodom would have treated the men. As Lot says: "Do with them what you like!"

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ron
I plead the sixth amendment: namely I confined myself to two sides of one page!

Andrew Reid said...

Hi Peter,
Thank you for your outline of the situation in NZ and the underlying issues.
Can I suggest that there is another text far more important to this issue than the 6 you refer to? It's Genesis 2:18-25, which is where I believe God sets out the model for human sexual relationships in his creation - one flesh, exclusive for life (leave & cleave), unashamed, co-rulers under God of the creation, and male/female. I'd even argue that the Biblical prohibitions against divorce, adultery, homosexuality and bestiality all refer back to the model presented in this passage, because they contravene God's created order.
May God bless and guide you according to his will in ACNZAP!

Peter Carrell said...

It is more important, Andrew, but my particular brief was to talk about the six texts as texts people struggle to understand why there are different views on.

Andrew W said...


I think Peter touches on that bigger topic, albeit tangentially, with his last paragraph.