Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Spiritual and Sacred Links - Tuesday 16th June 2015

Supplied by a UK colleague:

1. Will You Give Your Yes to God? [Acts 2:1-11]  - Rev. Russ Parker - St John's John's Island Audio

2. Are We Ignorant of Satan’s Designs (Genesis 3:1-15) - Dr Kendall Harmon - Christ St Paul's Audio

3. It Takes a Movement to Reach a City - Tim Keller - CS Lewis Institute video

4. Preaching Ideas and Commentary - Rev Peter Carrell

5. The New Testament in a year with Rev Andrew Goddard

6. The bells of All SaintS, Odiham in Hampshire - BBC Radio 4

7. Sunday Worship from All Saints, Odiham celebrating Magna Carta - BBC Radio 4

8. Choral Evensong from Wells Cathedral - BBC Radio 3

9. Sunday Hour - BBC Radio 2

10. Choral services from the chapels of King's College Cambridge
and St John's College, Cambridge
and Trinity College, Cambridge
and New College, Oxford

Please pray for the Church of England and the Scottish Episcopal Church, Christians and all facing persecution and crime in Syria and Iraq and Iran; for those affected by the earthquakes in Nepal; for peace in Burundi, Ukraine, Israel and Gaza; and for the Diocese of South Carolina.

11. Topical Prayers - Church of England
Prayers for the Church of England from Lent and Beyond
Iran: Pastor Saeed Abedini 'Viciously Beaten' in Iranian Prison, Told His Only Way Out Is to Deny Jesus Christ - CP
South Carolina:Prayers from Lent and Beyond

12. Sunday Programme - with Edward Stourton - BBC Radio 4

Food for thought
13. 8 Keys to Personal Prayer - Winfield Bevans
An Open Letter to Britain - J John

14. Tribute to Araucaria, the late Rev John Galbraith Graham  - Guardian Vimeo

15. O Jesus, I Have Promised - The Scottish Festival Singers

God bless you

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