Friday, May 13, 2016


The post below will be my last on same sex relationships for a long time to come ... I would like to post on Anglican-Methodist interchangeability of orders ... any news of that? Also looking forward to news of other motions and bills at #gsthw16 re liturgical matters. But I do see reports on Taonga re climate change. Now that is a BIG issue (he writes, while experiencing the warmest May ever), and will require some attention here! So, when I have time and some news of other things at #gsthw16, ADU will crack along in differing directions.

UPDATE: Apparently there is nothing much to report on re Interchangeability of Methodist-Anglican orders or on Confirmation becoming Affirmation because neither motion got very far, neither was confirmed, and each led to indication of "further work to be done." But the Bill was passed which enables our bishops to authorise services ... I won't give details till Bosco Peters updates us on this matter.


Anonymous said...

Some readers may not quite follow this, Peter, but on any given topic, there is some brilliant and illumining daylight between the questions How Should A Right-Thinking Person Feel About This Great Topic Of The Day? and Does Any Single Synod Have Supernatural Powers To Decide This? Considering all of the reported actions of your recent General Synod, you, and others who do see this daylight, may find it very worthwhile to discuss it.

A less superstitious view of the divine inspiration of committee work and plenary voting could do much to ease the anguish of those Anglicans who, for example, are "shocked," "pained," "outraged," etc that the recent synod in Parador failed to denounce Donald Trump, despite the fact that a clear majority of it derive immense pleasure from hating the man and his remarks. The minority ruined it all, not by actually liking the man or his remarks, but by pointing out that the frisson of voting out of one's personal moral passions has nothing to do with what, under heaven, mere synods actually are and can realistically do.

A synod has not failed if it fails to act beyond its competence. Nor has it succeeded at anything if it simply registers for historians of the future what a gathering of clergy, donors, etc on a certain fine day in May thought about Topic X. No synod took a position for or against the Fall of the Roman Empire...

Bowman Walton

Peter Carrell said...

Neither, Bowman, did King Canute hold back the tide!

Anonymous said...

Indeed he did not, Peter; to show that he could not was his point. But with kings as with synods, modesty succeeds where magic fails. Canute established the four earldoms, and that has ordered affairs far from Dover.

Bowman Walton

Father Ron Smith said...

Bowman: Synod is as Synod does. Wait for the next Episode (2018).