Friday, June 3, 2016

Latest ACANZP development re same sex blessings

No, this is not a post about my views and thoughts on same sex blessings in the context of ACANZP. But I notice on Taonga today two items of great significance in terms of follow up to General Synod (May 2016). A timeline ... a chance to send in our ideas of what we think may or may not work structurally ...

Here they are.



In the spirit of my recent declaration that I would not post on these matters for a while, I am not going to re-open discussion here. I will not take comments on these two items announced here. Comments are closed for this post.

It is so important that we get this next stage right, I am more than happy to draw irregular or non-readers of Taonga's attention to what has been posted today. But this does not mean I am ready to renew conversation on these matters.

What I may do, around 1 July 2016 is to post something and to see if we can have a constructive conversation which, God willing, might lead to something worth saying to the new working group.

Meantime I will keep thinking and no doubt you will too.

And praying.

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Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ron
I appreciate the comment you have just submitted but I have clearly said in the post above that I won't take any comments to this post. I am continuing my attempt to have some "abstinence" from discussion of SSB/SSM for a while longer yet.