Monday, November 7, 2016

Beatitudes and Best Fielding Ever, what more could one ...

The End is Nigh, or is it? Maureen Dowd sets the two candidates before us with her usual droll insights and sharp reporting.

Good things can come from dialogue. A few weeks back I reported on a story which suggested a banning of IVP from the annual SBL Conference. But now peace and light has broken out.

Moving beyond conflict, Pope Francis has announced six new beatitudes. I like the last one especially.

Then an interesting, thoughtful, non-religious argument for marriage!

Only to be matched by an interesting, thoughtful and, of course, religious argument for celebrating critical theology but not being nostalgic for the days of sceptical theology.

Great news for the All Blacks at the weekend. They received one of their occasional lessons in humility. Enough said. No doubt the best links to this dose of comeuppance are in Gaelic!

But the sporting moment of the weekend might just be the "Best Ever Fielding" ever, when Bavuma ran out Warner at the WACA, with an extraordinary feat of athleticism and accuracy.

Remember, when all else turns to custard in the world at large, there is always Test Cricket :)


Father Ron said...

The Epic Win for Wales - a big cumuppance for National Supremacy in Sport!

Yahi Da!

Andrei said...

Oh BTW Fr Ron - it was the Catholic Irish who triumphed in Chicago not the non conformist Welsh :)

Father Ron said...

Right on, Andrei. I was mixing up my Celts. Ireland it was! (Mind you, the Welsh could have done it - to the same end!)

BrianR said...

"Oh BTW Fr Ron - it was the Catholic Irish who triumphed in Chicago not the non conformist Welsh :)"

- The Irish rugby team is All-Ireland and has always had Protestant Ulstermen in it. That's why they have their own song 'Ireland's Call', not the national anthems of Britain or Ireland.

BrianR said...

Ulster Rugby and its contribution to Irish Rugby - including stellar Irishmen like Rodney Ah You from Christchurch: