Monday, August 14, 2017

Dean of Christ Church in Christchurch

These past few days Dean Martyn Percy of Christ Church, Oxford (college, cathedral) has been visiting Christchurch, NZ, with his wife Emma Percy.

I was lucky to hear Martyn speak four times - two lectures, Evensong sermon last evening and a seminar following. Across these talks, Martyn displayed scholarship, theological acumen, insight into cultural change, and a general flair for putting things in such a way that made us - certainly me - think.

We do not often have theologians of such calibre in our neck of the woods, so it has been a treat.

Martyn is a Tweeter and a story of his visit, via photographs and brief comments on Twitter can be found here.

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Father Ron Smith said...

I would have loved to be able to be there. However, the U.K. was a bit too far away. I wonder just how many of our Christchurch clergy were present to here this accredited theologian, Peter? You obviously enjoyed his talks.

His provenance as Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, must at least have impressed someone in our City - by the reception he received.