Thursday, March 29, 2018

On the execution of those who challenge power, then and now

Hello at the beginning of Maundy Thursday and the days that follow.

This is Anglican DOWN UNDER so I do quite a bit of trawling across our main print media news sites, Stuff and NZ Herald (and sometimes Sydney Morning Herald).

This morning I noticed the name of my friend and New Testament studies colleague, Derek Tovey. He has written an article on the historicity of Jesus' crucifixion for the NZ Herald.

Then my news trawling, which includes Twitter, noticed this article on a woman called Marielle Franco. I had never heard of her but she was a Brazilian politician who was assassinated after challenging the power structures of her country.

Her story is an analogue for the crucifixion of the historical Jesus: whatever divine purposes were being worked out through the death of Jesus (destruction of power of evil; propitiation and expiation of sin and guilt), there was an historical explanation for his death, as Derek Tovey's article explains. Jesus, a political nobody, threatened the cosy power sharing arrangements in Palestine, and needed disposing of, before things got out of hand.

Bonus link:

with H/T to a correspondent, here is an interview with Ross Douthat who has written a book on Pope Francis.

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I have noticed this article on four options for evangelical Christians, responding to the cutlure of today in the West.

Also, because I want to mark the article even though I am going to ban discussion of it (for the Usual Reasons about That Topic), Ian Paul has posted an erudite, careful discussion of a case in the UK which raises some questions for ACANZP as it discusses the Motion 29 proposal.

Happy reading or viewing over the Easter break ...

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Father Ron Smith said...

An excellent talk on video, Peter from the Archbishop of Canterbury, suitable for reflection on Good Friday, entitled "Cry From The Cross" (BBC, accessible)