Friday, June 27, 2008

Genuine Anglican Fellowship Conversing Openly Now

What is happening at GAFCON? What will emerge as its final 'statement', and beyond that as specific outcomes? So far the hints are that conservative Anglicans will be encouraged to remain within the Anglican Communion, but there will be reconfigurations which mean business will not be quite as usual. As we head to the end of the week further hints are emerging about the tenor and toughness of the final communique. I like this report by Robert Forsyth, and this report by Jim Oakes.

In particular I like the sense emerging from reports such as this that GAFCON involves a genuine conversation with an authentic process for hearing the voices of all those gathered. It looks like whatever the final statement says, it will not be one which was pre-written back in December 2007!

Update: this in from Ruth Gledhill.

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