Monday, June 16, 2008

Understanding present turmoil in Johannine terms

Sometimes Anglicans have made a play for the correlation between John's Gospel and 'Anglican' theology. Think incarnation, eucharist, Spirit, and mission, with a touch of mysticism thrown in. But Johannine thinking is not confined to John's Gospel, or to the 'pleasant' themes listed above. In John's Gospel some interest is shown in the fate of Johannine Christians thrown out of the synagogue. And 1 John is seriously interested in issues concerning secession if not schism. Amidst talk of leaving the Communion, of people feeling pushed to the outer reaches of Anglicanism, and of inclusive / exclusive tendencies, it might be worth paying some new attention to Johannine writings. I am going to concentrate on 1 John for a bit. If there is something I think I would like to share - I will. Of course, since it is a Johannine writing I will be looking at, I am hoping some light will be shed into our present darkness!

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