Thursday, January 1, 2009

Anglican of the Year 2008

This award is, of course, simply in terms of this blog. Somewhere over the rainbow there might be an 'official' award of this title.

Well, I have thought a bit about this. There are certainly some interesting, some outstanding, and some flawed Anglicans; and even one or two who are interesting, outstanding and flawed. And there are exceptional individuals out of the public gaze who represent the ideals of Anglicanism, which, in the end, is about being gracious Christians!

But reflecting on 2008 I am struck by the strength and resolve of various groupings of Anglicans. Those Virginian Anglicans, for instance, who have maintained their right in law to continue to use their church properties - a right recognised by the Virginian judiciary but not by The Episcopal Church. Or, those Anglicans who came together for GAFCON in Jerusalem, and forged a path of unity in truth. Behind the scenes before and during Lambeth a collection of different groupings of Anglicans enabled this complex and potentially disastrous event to take place, and to more or less fulfil its planned agenda. Then there is another grouping of Anglicans with impressive if somewhat anonymous credentials: those who have been under severe pressure for their faith, including Anglicans in Iraq, but perhaps under the severest pressure have been Anglicans in Jos, Nigeria.

So, in 2008, a difficult year in the life of the Anglican communion, no one individual stands out as 'Anglican of 2008', but a variety of Anglicans working together in common cause for Christ and for the gospel constitute an impressive and inspiring example for other Anglicans to follow. To God be the glory!!

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