Friday, January 16, 2009


It seems pretty clear why the IDF continues its war in Gaza: Hamas rockets have not stopped firing. Its quite unclear to me why the rockets continue when they bring such misery and destruction to Gaza in retaliation. There are signs today that a ceasefire might be imminent. The only ceasefire worth having will be one in reality, not words, and that will require the rockets to stop.

The whole situation of Gaza / Palestine / Israel is complex and twisted and torn with histories told differently and political goals on local, national and international levels colliding with awful realities, including the undoubted zenith of desperation on the part of Gaza Palestinians. But not far below that must be the desparation of Israel itself having neighbours whose manifestos proclaim the urgent necessity of destroying Israel.

The killing of Gazan non-combatants is appalling. It should stop. But so should the rockets. I find myself unmotivated to join protests against the IDF's actions since it logically means supporting Hamas' who have goals in respect of Israel and Jews which are indistinguishable from Nazi philosophy. Perhaps I could join a protest against both IDF and Hamas. Has one been organised?

In the course of all of this I note the curious situation for a number of liberal Anglicans (and, of course, a number of liberals who have no church affiliation). Many seem to have a self-assurance about what is right and what is wrong. In this case Israel is wrong. In other cases, more often touched upon on this blog, traditional theology, or Scriptural teaching is deemed wrong by liberal Anglicans. But it seems curious to me in this present instance to lend support to Nazi-like philosophy - not an action normally associated with liberals.

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