Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Praying for Pike River miners, families, and communities

From Rev Tim Mora, Regional Dean of Mawhera (Greymouth and surrounds) and Chair of Greymouth Ministers' Association:

Press Release and Prayer Request for Denominational Networks - 23/11/2010

On Friday the 19th of November an explosion ripped through the Pike River coal mine between Greymouth and Reefton leaving 29 miners and contractors unaccounted for below ground. Because of the size and close knit nature of our community virtually everyone is affected in some way. Rescue efforts are ongoing but are dependent on various gas readings reaching safe and consistent levels. Despite the length of time already passed the possible convergence of a number of factors could mean that there are still survivors.

So on behalf of our community we request prayer for the following

- For the families of those underground. For the Holy Spirit to come and bring comfort and peace to individuals and families, to ease their anxiety, to enable them to persist in patience. To seek out help and support as and when they need it and not to give up hope.

- For those directly involved in the rescue for wisdom in their decision making in the way they go about the rescue, support the families, handle the media and so on. May they be ready to listen, consult and work well together and that they too are supported.

- That God's people will follow the leading of God's spirit in offering comfort, care and support to those in need.

- For things beyond human control for example for a supernatural reduction in gas levels, for a barometric high to develop over the area, for mist and wind to reduce to enable safer flying for the helicopters, and so on.

- For the media that they will be a compassionate and gentle in their quest for information. Not intrusive and invasive. To see the people and not just the story.

- Pray for the pastors and clergy of the community, for wisdom in handling the media, sensitivity and compassion in dealing with families and strength for the duration. Pray especially for Rev. Tim Mora chairperson of the Greymouth Ministers Association and for (enter here your own denominational details ... local Anglican clergy include those in Reefton (John and Dawn Stringer), Greymouth (Marge Tefft, Robin Kingston, Tim Mora), and Hokitika (Ruth Dawson, Vivien Harber, Elaine Richards, Norman Richards, Vivien Simkin, Frances Stapleton)).

- Pray for those struggling emotionally, for those with survivor guilt, unresolved and now re-opened grief from previous mining tragedies and for those providing counseling and comfort.

- And to pray for those trapped underground. Assuming that they are alive and together that they would support and sustain each other and make wise decisions of their own around survival and if they have not survived to begin preparing the hearts of families for the worst. That they will be surrounded by those who can support them if and when news of the worst kind finally comes.

At the time of posting there continues to be no change in the situation: poisonous gas remains in the mine and no rescue attempt is being made.


Mark Harris said...

I have been following in prayer and though the situation of the miners and each day the prayers stand against the silence and the dark. May God hold them close.

Thanks for the update.

Peter Carrell said...

Thanks Mark
The situation re poisonous gases (possibly connected with an ongoing fire) is so bleak that police are starting to say that no one may ever get into the mine again.

Brother David said...

I send my condolences for this tragedy in the life of your nation.

The Lord's Spirit be with the families and friends to comfort and strengthen them in their great loss.