Saturday, April 9, 2011

Not letting the earth settle under their feet

For those Anglicans wondering what might be unfolding among those Anglicans somewhat (if not completely) disengaged from the formal regular elements of the Communion's life, David Virtue offers a couple of snippets: a CAPA meeting to watch for, and a GAFCON conference to look ahead to.

"The Archbishop of Nigeria also let it drop this week that the CAPA Primates will meet in Nairobi in April to assess the situation in the worldwide communion and to continue to plan its work of mission and evangelism. There is more to this statement than meets the eye. Can we expect an announcement that they will further disengage from Dr. Williams and the pansexually-driven West?

GAFCON is alive and well, reported Okoh. "There will be leaders meeting this year in New York, which will have an ecumenical character. Church leaders other than Anglicans who share our stand on the contentious issue of human sexuality and same-sex unions will be invited. The full GAFCON Congress will be held almost certainly in Jerusalem again in 2012." "


Suem said...

"Dr Williams and the pansexually- driven West" (!) coupled together as though they were bedfellows! Did David Virtue say that? Anyone who does not support the Gafconite agenda is implied to be in cahoots with immorality? However much any of us disagree with him - and we do on both sides - it is shameful to cast aspersions on Rowan William's personal morality.

Pageantmaster said...

You may read +Okoh's address in his own words here

Prayers for Nigeria as it holds its elections.

Father Ron Smith said...

Anyone who takes virtueonline as a reliable bearer of 'good News' must surely be disappointed. The author's (David Virtue's)obvious dislike for the ABC, TEC and the Anglican Church of Canada - and the rest of the Communion that does not segue with ACNA & GAFCON - receives his anathema.

Virtue's devotee's (and I wonder how many NZ-ers have been taken in by him) are very keen to poke the borax at the LGBT community - and anyone who accepts their validity as part of the Church: thus displaying an ungodly disregard for fellow sinners requiring redemption like all of us.

One wonders why such 'righteous' people are still amongst us. Surely they should have been assumed into heaven by now - by their own estimation, if not that of the rest of us.

Archbishop Okoh and his Nigerian cohorts have recently made a visit to Britain - with the agenda of trying to form another CANA in the U.K. Let's hope they meet with a firm resistance. When will Abp. Okoh come to the understanding that he does not have a monopoly on Christian Truth?

No doubt, though, there will be more money made available for expensive GAFCON Meetings in Jerusalem - by a certain group of U.S. misanthropists; money which could more profitably be used in mission to and in Nigeria.

Suem said...

I agree, Father Ron. My point was about Virtue, not Okoh, but I did read his address and was amazed to read news of a,
" proposal for a law to authorise the solemnization of same-sex marriages in Churches in the UK."

We don't yet have same sex marriage in the UK! Maybe Okoh knows something I don't?

Father Ron Smith said...

Hi Suem. The business in the U.K. was really all about the British Government passing legislation to 'allow' Civil Patnerships to be conducted on religious premises - something requested by Quakers and Liberal Jews. Hitherto, although such partnerships were legal, there was no provision for them to be celebrated in 'churches'.

Of course, the Nigerian Bishops would haveimmediately jumped to the conclusion that this would affect only 'same-sex' couples - that's what they are so terrified of.

Also, they didn't want ethnic Nigerians to be exposed to such a celebration in their U.K. church environment - this is probably why they are trying their best to set up a 'CANA' sodality in the UK to emulate their piratical incursion into the USA.