Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is the world going to the dogs?

I am very much an amateur when it comes to trying to understand what goes on the world around me, so I have nothing fresh, or new, let alone authoritative to offer by way of analysis and conclusions about the economic news which is turbulently washing around us at the moment. If the world economy is not actually going to implode, it does seem inescapable that it looks like it might. Even amateur economic sleuths can see that!

Theologically I wonder if God has any interest in saving the world economy. The stronger the global economy the more we entrust our lives to building up wealth, to acquiring possessions, and to aiming to get ahead in life as measured by increasing income. Nothing in the gospels is more anti-kingdom than Mammon!


Paul Powers said...

It's been going to the dogs since hominids learned to walk on two feet. It will continue to do so at least until the Second Coming. The author of Ecclesiastes was an optimist. So am I.

Loud Layman said...

Vanity of Vanities all is vanity, so sayeth the Preacher over all Northern Ireland!

I'm in N.Ireland, the Republic of Ireland has gone belly up and the UK mainland isn't doing much better. I' 21 and have been made redundant twice so far in my career and now pretty much everyone (including myself) is on benefits.

Everyone is in the same boat but we can live in hope that God hears our prayers and will help us out, but honestly - and this will sound awful - the only thing keeping me from getting depressed is the knowledge that others have it worse. The worse part is I know things will get worse before they get better.