Friday, November 25, 2011

Reasonable and Holy - online access

My recent post, It's not about the Covenant, has generated lots of comments, many involving Tobias Haller, author of Reasonable and Holy: Engaging Same Sexuality. Those comments have included references to a significant review of the book by Ephraim Radner, counter-references to other favourable reviews, as well as urging to read the book itself.

The book can, in fact, be commented on, online at Haller's site called Reasonable and Holy. Head to the left hand side to click on each chapter to read. [This sentence has been corrected].

Ephraim Radner's review in Living Church is here. Responses from Tobias Haller are here, here and here.

Charles Hefling's (favourable) review in the Anglican Theological Review is here.


Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG said...

Thank you, Peter. A slight correction: the book itself is online but only at Google Books (via Seabury Publishing). The blog links are for people to comment on specific chapters.

Peace and all good,

Father Ron Smith said...

Thanks, Peter, for being 'even-handed' with Tobias on this topic. I posted a 'Reform' article written by a Gay Evangelical C.of E. clergy-person on my blog this morning. you Evangelicals are opening up to at least listen. Thank you.

Father Ron Smith said...

There, I've done it again (must be a Freudian slip) I've gone and said 'Reform' when I meant 'FULCRUM".

As Fr. Malcolm on my 'kiwianglo' blog reminded me, if Reform had been so openly accommodating as to even think of publishing an article by a Gay Anglican Priest in the C. of E., he would have been prepared to eat his biretta. I've just pledged to jump on my Canterbury Cap - in remorse.

Sorry for shocking those of you who are dedicated Reform-o-philes. You may breathe again!