Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brilliant cinematography from the inspirational Kate?

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has been speaking to the opening of the General Convention about the wind of the Spirit, if not the spirit of the Wind blowing through TEC. It is a breath-taking (pun intended) manifesto for a Spirit-led, networked, reconciling church which is at complete variance with the monolithic, hierarchical church being developed on her watch. Knowing that as people gathered to hear her speak, her lieutenants were ensuring that some of the brightest theological and episcopal stars received anonymous complaints about their dissent from her view that TEC is a hierarchical church, put Titus One Nine in mind of a brilliant, but dark scene from the Godfather. Initially the T19 elves put up the 'baptism' scene from Godfather . On seeing it there I thought it slightly out of character for the gentle grace of T19. Now, as correspondents have pointed out to me, the link has been removed. The analogy between the juxtaposition of events in it and what is going on in TEC perhaps being too extreme. After all, one is a film depicting fiction and the other is reality affecting the lives and vocations of real people.
Gosh, our church in ACANZP is tame by comparison with our sister church across the Pacific :)


Andrew Reid said...

"Tonight, the Episcopal Church settles its accounts".
In Godfather 3, there were even some dead bishops in that montage at the end, although of the Roman Catholic variety.

I couldn't find the clip among the news items though, Peter. Has T19 moved it?

Anonymous said...

Liberal tyrants and liberal tyranny should be opposed by all right thinking Christians.

Expel TEC from the Communion and recognize ACNA.