Sunday, September 9, 2012

Insuring the future of the Christchurch Diocese

Another good day at Synod yesterday. Briefly (and these highlights are according to my reckoning, as one member's account):

Resolved to engage with flexibility about insuring or not for earthquakes.

Resolved to pay two-thirds of this year's premiums out of insurance proceeds AND a freewill offering to be sought from all parishes.

Agreed to raise our missions' target from $245K to $255K.

Agreed to support Bishop Victoria's call to a year of prayer and study, to progress on the future restructuring of the Diocese, including the establishment of a Structural Review Group to bring a draft proposal back to the next Synod and continuation of current conversations between parishes.

I think we also made some good calls in our elections, in particular electing two new members to our Church Property Trustees.

All in all, I think we did good work in (bad pun coming up) insuring the future of the Christchurch Diocese.

We finished in time for the rugby on the late free showing on Prime. Not a bad day! (ABs 21 - 5).

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