Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mrs Jesus

In a completely unpredictable development in the world of scholarship, a papyrus fragment has been discovered in which a Coptic speaking Jesus refers to 'my wife.' Fourth century? Could be a typo for Fourthirst century. Coptic? That's kinda Greek, isn't it? Hey, it's more or less proven that Jesus wasn't a bachelor, Christianity isn't what it says it is and Benedict XVI may as well ordain women priests. There, look, you have read most of the world's press coverage of this interesting announcement by a Harvard scholar at an otherwise unheralded academic conference. For a sober estimation of the situation, I suggest heading to eminent NT scholar and blogger, Mark Goodacre. Alternatively, if you do want to read the world's press, then you could try the Guardian.

UPDATE: Evangelical Textual Criticism is onto the case. It could be a forgery ...

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