Monday, February 18, 2013

Leave of absence?

The square peg of things to do, places to visit and people to see this week will not fit into the hole of available time. I am most unlikely to post again for a number of days, having given myself leave of absence from blogging, without pay. To the alarm of some readers here, given that my entirely orthodox views are understood by them to be suspect, I might mention that I am spending two days of the available time reviewing the teaching of theology at an institution :)

Anyway, for your erudition and education might I point you to the concerns of Joshua Bovis for our church, the penetrative reflection of +Kelvin Wright, my own background cracking open of this week's readings for sermons this coming Sunday, the continuing anxiety of the Curmudgeon about the drifting boat which is his church (i.e. the boat which is what our church may become if Joshua Bovis is correct in his diagnosis of it), and finally for today, the latest edition of The Living Church has a few mots (in)juste by yours truly. If you think about it, you will understand that I am thankful to readers here for their contribution to what I say.

Always look on the bright side of life!

And please appreciate that posting of comments might be as occasional this week as an oasis in the desert.


Father Ron Smith said...

Thanks, Peter, for the links you have given here. With regard to one of them, I not that your frequent correspondent Joshua,obviously from the Sydney Anglican Diocese, rejoices in the title 'Anglican Minister, Reformed'. What precisely does that mean?

Is he in fact a priest in the Australian Anglican Church? And do all radical conservatives in the Sydney Diocese give themselves this strange nomenclature. I've never encountered it before in the world of Anglicanism.

If he is, indeed a clergyman from the Sydney Diocese, that could help us all who contribute to your blog to understand the background from which 'Joshua' emanates.

Father Ron Smith said...

I loved the link to 'Curmudgeon's' post. I don't think I have ever read anything from this ebullient lawyer that in any way would be mistaken for loyalty to the branch of the Church to which he belongs.

In fact, Curmudgeon's rantings have all the hallmarks of a disappointed and rabid conservative in the Faith, who is determined to bring down the Presiding Bishop and Convention of The Episcopal Church in the USA. His endemic antipathy to the LGBT community in the Church must surely be giving him a more choleric temperament each time he puts his fingers to the keys of his computer/typewriter. A sad case!
He is well-named!

A lot more Hope, Faith and Love of the Church, its people and its Founder were given in the article by our Bishop, Kelvin Wright. Now that was a post worth reading!

Joshua Bovis said...

Well this explains why I have had all the hits from across the ditch!

Bryden Black said...

Sorry Peter, but neither you nor +KW have obviously read enough Anthony de Mello to realise he's not just suspect but frankly heretical!! From a Christian perspective that is!

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Bryden
Each and every link here does not necessarily lead to orthodoxy nor to analysis which I agree with ...!

Thanks for the link re the link to James Allison (whom I did not find overly persuasive, but impressive in his gentle articulation of his case).

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ron,
I think Joshua is a minister in a diocese adjacent to Sydney.

Many of us Anglican priests are happy with, or even prefer the nomenclature 'minister'. 'Reformed' is (I take it) to be declaring a theological basis and shape to that ministry. It could be a renewed Cranmerianism or a commitment to Calvinism, or both!!

MichaelA said...

"Is he in fact a priest in the Australian Anglican Church? And do all radical conservatives in the Sydney Diocese give themselves this strange nomenclature. I've never encountered it before in the world of Anglicanism."

Apart from in the Book of Common Prayer you mean, Father Ron?

I appreciate the BCP is largely forgotten these days, but if you can find a copy of it, and turn to the service entitled "The Order of the Administration of the Lord's Supper, or Holy Communion", you will note that the person leading the worship is usually referred to as the "Minister". Terms such as "Priest" or "Curate" are only used at those points where a function specific to their office is required.

So I expect you will find that most "Ministers" in the Anglican Church of Australia (note the correct name) are happy to be so called, as being a true expression of Anglicanism!

In regard to "reformed", I don't think I can improve on Peter Carrell's point above. There is nothing inherently non-Anglican about the word, but I suppose you will need to ask Josh+ what he means by it.