Saturday, February 23, 2013

Underground churches

We'll steer well clear of new eruptions in the volcano that is our Christchurch cathedral controversy and focus on an intriguing church architecture in Ethiopia, being Saturday and the ADU day for something a little different ... here.

On Monday I want to look at the possibility that a new post-Anglican denomination is emerging in New Zealand :)


Loved seeing a Tui Billboard this morning when out and about:

Bishop Brian Tamaki,*
The Vatican called to say
You've made the shortlist

Yeah, right!

Talking of billboards by Tui, the makings of one are in the picture at the head of this post.

*A well-known NZ bishop at the head of a denomination of his own creation.

PS to Postscript: A good observation here.


Father Ron Smith said...

Looking forward, Peter, to your prophetic utterance - on the real possibility of a post-Anglican Church in Aotearoa/New Zealand. In the meantime, I invite to to peruse my thoughts on tomorrow's theme of the Transfiguration of OLJC. (kiwianglo)

hogsters said...

Re the ugly Vicars comment polygamy and Job....

Given her "counsel" to Job there could well be another message there.