Monday, March 30, 2015

Australia Rules World Cricket

It is the nature of Kiwis, even Christians, to fervently wish for the defeat of Australia on the sporting fields of our dreams. Yesterday, however, a great and wonderful Kiwi dream died: our dream of being the world champions of cricket. To make the dashing of the dream more painful we need to acknowledge the following facts:
- we were playing Australia in the final
- we did not play well
- Australia bowled outstandingly and batted assuredly
- the better team won and (noting form all summer, save for a narrow loss to NZ a few weeks ago) is the BEST team in the world.


Father Ron Smith said...

Well, Peter; this latest post of your serves to indicate the relative importance of Sport v. Religion - in both Aotearoa and Australia. Nuff said!

Jean said...

Hats off to the Aussie's, and well done to the NZ team to make it to the final.

Did anyone notice the add for the Navy, using the God Defend NZ theme and then an added, but when all else fails a 'host' is needed to protect us (e.g. the Navy).... I think they may need a little theological education.

Andrew Reid said...

Don't worry, Peter, the Bledisloe and Rugby World Cups are just around the corner, and I don't fancy the Wallabies' chances in either.

"Weeping may stay for the night,
But rejoicing comes in the morning"
Ps 30:5