Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Why whistle when a flautist is at hand?

There is no need for a post from me today. Nick and Tessa's Ugandan blog does a better job by far than anything I could do.

I found this uplifting and I hope you do too!


Father Ron Smith said...

"Our new pastor has been to our church only once in the last 6 weeks."

Sounds a wee bit neglectful! I wonder what 'Church' our friends belong to? Are there paid pastors, and to whom are they responsible? Seems a bit disorganised. No wonder there's frustration.

MIchael Reddell said...

Thanks for posting this Peter. I read it to our kids last night, as something of the "reality" of missionary life, beyond the sometimes rather airbrushed general prayer and promotional material.

Nicolas Laing said...

Its true Father Ron, it is a wee bit neglectful. Its tricky though when they are basically not paid - only 20NZD a month as a tiny stipend. Our previous pastor was great, he came every Sunday, usually preached and then went and visited sick and lonely people for hours after the service. I think we we spoiled! Unfortunately he was forced to retire because he was too old, even though he didn't want to.

Still our church deserves better and we will definitely work on the Pastor issue!

Father Ron Smith said...

Hi Nicolas! When your pastor actually comes to you, is his role restricted to preaching? If so, it seems that he does not need ordination. Any of you who reads the Bible would have a sermon in you. In my Church, the Pastor has to be educated theologically and be able to administer the Sacraments of The Lord. That does require a lot more preparation.

God Bless you and yours, Fr. Ron