Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest blogger of them all?

I am not talking about the colour of my hair when I put up myself in a purely narcissistic way for some kind of award as the fairest blogger of them all!

But recently I have been arguing with a commenter here that a change of our flag does not require some momentous event to justify the momentum for change.

Today I notice that one of our smartest media columnists, Rodney Hide, is pretty much arguing against me.

I think he is wrong.

But in the spirit of being the fairest blogger etc, I offer you the link!


Pageantmaster said...

If you were to ditch the Union Flag and incorporate the Nike flash, like the British Athletics team, then you could probably get the cost back and make a profit just as your Prime Minister projects.

There is of course the danger that the flag will end up looking like a pair of colourful satin knickers, a thought which ran through my mind looking at the picture heading Mr Hide's article.

We don't mind what you run up your flagpole, so long as we remain friends.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Peter, you are very fair and thank you for the link. Jean did raise the peace time flags of Canada and Sri Lanka. The maple leaf and lion do have a very, very long historical connection to those countries, so I accept that those flags do not come into my committee of worthies category.


Pageantmaster said...

I have it - I was sure that design reminded me of something

Peter Carrell said...

it would of course raise the interest in but lower the tone of the debate re our flag if I were to publish that pic!

Pageantmaster said...

I am sure you are quite right Peter+

Mind you, if New Zealand troops were to advance waving Wonder Woman's cozzie as a battle flag, the enemy would probably turn and run. So it could be a momentous after-event for the flag.

Maybe we should update in the UK too. By accepting commercial sponsors for our flag, we could pay off all our borrowing - perhaps a Nike flash or Microsoft coloured cube on our flag - maybe get rid of all those old mottos Honi soit qui mal y pense [trans: wash your mouth out] and Nemo Me Impune Lacessit [trans: Ye looking at me, Jimmy!]and replace them with Just Do It and Where Do You Want To Go To Today? It would reflect a modern country boldly looking forward to the future, no longer held back by all that fuddy duddy historical stuff.

Peter Carrell said...

I very nearly didn't publish that comment of yours, Pageantmaster.
If the English Rugby coach got hold of your words of wisdom they might end up beating the All Blacks!

Father Ron Smith said...

Back to the subject of your post, Peter. I have good reason to believe that, over the course of your development of ADU, you have become one of the fairest of bloggers! Thanks for your continuing facilitation of the conversations.

Pageantmaster said...

Ah well, might improve the batting too.

Perhaps as an Anglican, the saddest thing would be a New Zealand flag which no longer contains an overt cross. The Union Flag has four of them, the last of which, St Patrick's was only added in 1801. Maybe something could be made of the Southern Cross, by joining the dots.

It's August, and I have too much time on my hands :-)