Monday, August 24, 2015

Spiritual and Sacred Links - Monday 24 August 2015

Supplied by a UK colleague:

#1 Moving sermon; #2 and 3 the psalms as prayer; #4 Vintage American [rather Baptist] preaching; #11 reports that the two South Sudanese pastors are home, but the Christians of Syria and its hinterland are in need of prayer.

Prayers too for you for the coming week.

1. Finding Grace on Highway 174 - Alfred TK Zadig Jr - St Michael's Charleston Audio (Ephesians 4:25-5:2 and John 6:35, 41-51)

2. The City of God [Psalm 87] - Andrew Wingfield Digby - St Andrew's Oxford

3. Praying the Psalms, 5 talks - Cathedral Church of St Luke and St Paul Audio

4. Remember Jesus Christ - John Vernon McGee from 1970

5. Preaching Ideas and Commentary - Rev Peter Carrell

6. The Sunday Readings - Rev Stephen Trott

7. The bells of Wells Cathedral - BBC Radio 4

8. Sunday Hour - BBC Radio 2

9. Archived Choral services over the Summer from the chapels of King's College Cambridge
and St John's College, Cambridge
and Trinity College, Cambridge
and New College, Oxford

Please pray for the persecuted church particularly in Syria, Iraq, and Sudan as well as for all displaced persons and refugees; and for the Diocese of South Carolina.

10. Topical Prayers - Church of England
Syria/Iraq: 1,500-year-old Mar Elian monastery bulldozed by Islamic State in Qaryatain
more from Release International
Sudan: Freed Pastors Arrive Home from Sudan after Ordeal of False Charges, Travel Ban - Morning Star News
South Carolina: Prayers from Lent and Beyond

11. Sunday Programme with Edward Stourton - BBC Radio 4

12. The Quest - John Rutter - Choir of Jesus College Cambridge

13. Patagonia - Martin Hech Vimeo

God bless you


Father Ron Smith said...

I'm intrigued by this request for constant prayers for an entity known to the promoter as 'The Diocese of South Carolina':

"South Carolina: Prayers from Lent and Beyond"

Is this not an independent church raised up by dissidents from TEC, the Episcopal Church in North America? Why should one render prayers for a schismatic church that is trying to wrest control of assets from its parent body? It seems that it is setting up a Judge as a votive saint for the future prosperity of a breakaway church! Prayers for reconciliation might be more appropriate in the circumstances.

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ron
The Diocese of South Carolina has chosen to dissociate itself from TEC, partly on the grounds that TEC has dissociated itself from mainstream Anglicanism. Not a bad reason, I suggest!

You could tell us all where there is one court judgment that says the assets of the Diocese of South Carolina belong to TEC.

You will not be able to tell us that judgment, thus I suggest, au contraire, that TEC is trying to wrestle the Diocese's assets away from the diocese.

Yes, prayers for reconciliation would be most appropriate, especially for the reconciliation of TEC with the Anglican Communion as that would assist reconciliation with the Diocese of SC.

Incidentally, on property, do the properties of the Diocese of Christchurch, i.e. those vested in the Church Property Trustees, belong to the Trustees or to General Synod?

Father Ron Smith said...

Peter, the schismatic 'Diocese of South Carolina' has dissociated itself from The Episcopal Church in america - with whom all non-GAfcon Provincial Churches (including our own church ACANZP) are in communion.

Are you saying you - a clergy-person in ACANZP - are 'in communion' with a schismatic diocese, rather than Lambeth or the non-gafcon Communion?

This seems rather a conflict of interest if this is true.

Father Ron Smith said...

"Incidentally, on property, do the properties of the Diocese of Christchurch, i.e. those vested in the Church Property Trustees, belong to the Trustees or to General Synod?" - Dr. Peter Carrell -

I don't know, Peter. However your superior knowledge of such things would seem to indicate that, in ACANZP at least, the CPT 'owns' the properties. However, in the unlikely situation where the whole diocese - led by bishop Victoria - would secede from ACANZP on an adiaphoral matter would be most unlikely. So perhaps you are comparing chickens with beetroot here. The real problem here is that of disloyalty to one's provincial Church; so that, is a part of it secedes from the parent body, where does the moral ownership of property reside?

Father Ron Smith said...

Interestingly, GAFCON supports the schismatic 'Diocese of South Carolina', and the Sydney diocese obviously thinks the same way as you, Peter, about the secession of that breakaway diocese in North America. Sydney has just appointed a new GAFCON-supporting bishop for South Sydney!

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ron
There are Global South Anglican churches in communion with the Diocese of South Carolina which are not associated with GAFCON. South Carolina has aligned itself with Global South and its Primates Council and not with GAFCON.
That is, ACANZP is in communion with Anglican churches which are in communion with South Carolina. Further, it has never been tested that ACANZP is not in communion with South Carolina!

As for myself, I am in communion with all Christians though not all Christians choose to be in communion with me.

My point about CPT and local church property is that I do not think we should presume that TEC is the rightful owner of all properties vested in Episcopal bodies within the United States of America.