Thursday, December 22, 2016

The very latest cathedral news

Stuff has this report up about no announcement before Christmas about the future of the Christchurch Cathedral.

Shortly I hope to be able to append here the official media statement on the matter by +Victoria (which staff were informed about a few minutes ago, as I write).


Bishop Victoria's letter to the Diocese about the non-announcement today is here.

The accompanying press release is here.


Father Ron said...

It is obvious - from the report by Charlie gates in today's 'Press' that the consequence of events regarding the future of our Cathedral in The Square included these significant marker points:

1. The deconsecration of the ruined cathedral
2. Beginning of demolition of damaged tower
3. GCBT Court Order to Stop Demolition
4. Church Property Trustees (Owners) decide to replace with modern building
5. Supreme Court rejects GCBT Appeal to preserve present building
6. Government Mediator appointed to mediate between Owners & GCBT
7. Owners (CPT) presented with options to retain present building.

This does seem like pressure from GCPT has all along prevented C.P.T. - the owners of the building - do what they had long ago determined to do, which was to replace the broken building and construct a new one.

The delay - from the schedule presented, has been entirely due to pressure from GCBT to prevent the Diocese going ahead as it had planned earlier.
Where is the justice in all of this?

Father Ron said...

Dear Peter, in making a decision not to go to the local 'Press' on this matter, which is still in adjudication requiring government mediation, I have made a special post on my blog which quotes the latest news on ACNA's website, together with my own speculation about the delay. Here is the link: