Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Future Church Summit

One of the joys of growing older is to see the brilliance of the younger generation coming on to take over. Last night, by dint of being dio staff, I sneaked into a Summit of young adults, mostly but not exclusively Anglicans, at the Addington Coffee Co-op. Normally meeting monthly, this summit was a special to reflect on the quake. A bumper number of 140 or so were there, hanging onto the words of wisdom of some teaching elders of our city (Bob Robinson, Matt Stott, Steve Graham, Jolyon White). If we take away the 'oldies' who were there, 130 young adults represent the future leadership of our churches. They will do a great job. With due respect to my peers, hopefully a better job than we are doing.

In respect of a few previous posts, I have no idea what church buildings mean to this generation. The spacious surrounds of the Co-op, with coffees being quietly made and distributed while the Word was being shared, are highly suggestive of a church architecture different to what we have been used to!

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