Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dates announced for ++Rowan's first visit as ABC to New Zealand

Well, strictly speaking, the dates have been announced for the 2012 ACC meeting in Auckland, New Zealand. But I think one may presume that ++Rowan will come to the meeting, and thus come to NZ, and thus come for the first time as Archbishop of Canterbury to NZ. (His first visit here ever in any capacity?)

From ACNS's Day 4 Report of the AC Standing Committee:

"The Standing Committee agreed that ACC-15 will be held from the 27 October to 7 November 2012 in Auckland Cathedral."

Naturally, ++Rowan will want to come to the South Island ... the real New Zealand ... and give a lecture sponsored by Theology House :).


Father Ron Smith said...

Peter, the Archbishop of Canterbury is a pretty busy person. If he did come to Christchurch, it would be probably to meet up with our Diocesan, Bishop Victoria, with whom he has a close association through her membership of the committee which is overseeing the Covenant Process.

I can't imagine he would have the time or the energy to deliver a lecture to the few people who might attend the Christchurch Theology House premises - much as we might relish the thought. I would think His Grace might have bigger fish to fry - in a more metropolitan arena.

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ron
If ++Rowan had time to deliver a lecture in Christchurch, and if Theology House was honoured with organising it, we would hire a very large venue, advertise widely, and expect, in faith, a veru large crowd to attend.

Please have some faith in the bigness of Theology House's vision for such eminent theologians!

Rev. Ngira Simmonds said...

Go for it Peter! ++Rowan would love to deliver a lecture for Theology House Im sure. While I was at Lambeth he seemed much more interested in small group stuff. He spent 3days with a group of about 30 of us!

Anonymous said...

Ah, but what would he give a lecture on? Church unity? Church growth? How to communicate in a non-book culture? Such an embarass de richesses ....


Anonymous said...

Ngira, "30 of us" is not a "small group" in New Zealand - that's a healthy parish with several clergy in the Christchurch Diocese!

Even more than 30 turned up for the sessions with TEC's Presiding Bishop in Christchurch.


Pageantmaster said...

You may keep him, if you like.