Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Question for Kiwi readers

If my informants tell me correctly, there is no current printed material which could be put into the hands of an enquirer telling them about the Anglican church with special regard for the Anglican church in these islands. In past times there has been such material (e.g. published by Genesis). At present there is some very good, detailed material within the series called God's Never Ending Story (published by Theology House). But - seemingly - no handy booklet format material to hand to an enquirer helping them (or a group of enquirers meeting together) what 'being Anglican' means today.

Are my informants correct?

If such a booklet were available - let's imagine it was just 60-70 pages, attractively produced - do you think this would be a welcome item on the buying agenda of clergy, laity, and parishes?

Looking forward to your answers.


liturgy said...

Isn't this getting ahead of ourselves, Peter? Wouldn't it be better to start by helping "enquirers" to be able to actually find out where and when our regular communities are meeting, for example by publishing this on our diocesan website (could even use a map), or advertising in our city's newspaper? I can even envisage some people might have thought about going to a worship service after the quake - other than the one in the park. A novel thought?


ps. as for booklets & buying - what's wrong with websites and free (and PDFs for printing off & handing out)? 21st century here we come?

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Bosco,
I am sure you believe in the doctrine of 'division of responsibilities' ... and communicating church service times does not fall to my lot!

As for web, PDF, etc ... I see these as 'both-and' re this possible publication: a demand or desire for a booklet would not exclude other means of publication.

liturgy said...

Yes, Peter,
Like you I hold to the doctrine of division of responsibilities
rather than the multiplication of responsibilities
particularly aware that the mess we are in appears to be due to an adder ;-)

I think you are right
the medium is the message
Anglicanism being both-and
I think one way to do this is to use a self-publishing site/system/approach
where there are several options & you can print yourself, download digitally, read online, or have printed versions arrive physically.

Lucy said...

If you can publish a book explaining what being an Anglican today means, and find three people who agree with you, and live long enough to enjoy the fun ... we won't need the Covenant and you will be elevated to ABC as a matter of course!

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Lucy,
Would it be possible, do you think, that such a career-enhancing booklet could also make some decent money?

(All profits, by the way, would go to my employing institute, Theology House, which is in need of a decent cash injection :) )