Saturday, September 22, 2012

There was no Mrs Jesus but there is a modern version of the Coptic Gospel of Thomas

Via Evangelical Textual Criticism via Mark Goodacre's blog, we can take you to Francis Watson's stunning, credible, immediate exposure of the "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" as a fake in the tradition of the "Secret Gospel of Mark."


UPDATE: Read a slightly easier to digest version of Watson's article here, and an addendum there.


liturgy said...

Peter, your research may be more up to date than mine, but I understand that the "Secret Gospel of Mark" being a fake is not a settled scholarly conclusion.



Peter Carrell said...

Yes, Bosco, Secret Mark's authenticity still has its defenders; as, I am sure, the Gospel of Jesus' Wife, will have.

Fr. Bryan Owen said...

Peter, for the sake of keeping up with the times, it is imperative that your readers take seriously the stunning new light on early Christian origins revealed by the discovery of a "Gospel of Jesus' Wife".

Father Ron Smith said...

When searching for 'daughter of jairus',

The scholar had found a papyrus'

T'was thought in the house

Of Jesus's spouse;

Though spawned, it would seem, by a virus!

Such huffings and puffings as have not been seen since Da Vinci Code!