Friday, September 2, 2016

Check Taonga today

Readers with memory - that may not always include myself :) - will recall that on or about 1 September there would be a public announcement of the working group re the next stage of A Way Forward. I understand that announcement will be made on Taonga today.

I am in Synod until late tonight and then again for much of tomorrow so I likely won't post anything re the announcement until Sunday or Monday ... but you may have a comment to make and I should be able to post comments from my phone, even in synod :)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Kept checking during Synod today but no posting ... except it is there now (9.36 pm). Read here.


Andrei said...

So they've kicked the ball into touch again Peter :)

Rosemary Behan said...

More fudge please vicar!!

Father Ron said...

Thank you, Peter, for this link.

At last; appropriate action for a real prospect of a Way Forward, to recognise some of the beloved Outcast in our Church community.

Glen Young said...

" recognize some of the beloved Outcast in our Church community."

Ah!!! another reference to the Solar Scriptura people.

The Thinking Anglican article did not display much CHARITY towards us!!!

Jean said...

Feeling for those who end up on the working party - nothing like goals with impossible expectations. Reminds me of a former manager of mine : )

Father Ron said...

"For nothing is impossible for God"

A wee bit like the Christchuch Cathedral outcome: "Man proposes, God disposes!"

Peter Carrell said...

Dear Commenters
My sense from the "inside" of the Synod of the Diocese of Christchurch as we ourselves had a discussion or two re sexuality is that the more we talk the more we see the glimmer of the possibility that we can stay together.

I am not saying we yet see "how" we stay together, just that there is such resolve to talk and walk together that a glimmer of hope seems slightly more solid than (say) in May 2016.