Thursday, September 1, 2016

Woman in Ministry - a Palmy story - plus???

Here Down Under we abhor long words, where possible shortening many syllables to just two, with the second spelt "-y". We may even omit a word from a title or name with more than one word. So Palmerston North (a university city in the middle of the lower North Island) becomes "Palmy," and it is from there that an apt and timely story of the Spirit calling and empowering to ministry comes (read here). Timely and apt because of some comments to yesterday's post ...

Natch every reader here either knows or wants to know "who wrote the Bible?" From the Geeky Answers via Ancient Manuscripts department of theological knowledge a very interesting answer is provided (read here).

And in even more important and exciting news, the annual Synod of the Christchurch Diocese begins meeting tonight and continues until Saturday ... blogging temporarily suspended in favour of live Tweeting @petercarrell :)

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Father Ron said...

Anya, one of John Marquet's protegees, sounds very much like one of SOMA's (Sharing of ministry Abroad's) charismatic Leaders, who spend a lot of time travelling abroad spreading their own stories of their conversion. Such people have what I call a peripatetic ministry, which sometimes needs to settle down - into a situation of deeper local ministry.

However, this is a WOMAN, equipped in the very same way as are MALE missionaries; with the SAME STORY of personal and corporate redemption by grace. She needs to be heard.