Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Evangelicals and evangelicals

I have been thinking a bit about what is the difference between evangelicals I agree with and evangelicals I disagree with (or, from another perspective, what might be deemed to be the difference between ultra conservative evangelicals and conservative evangelicals or between fundamentalists and evangelicals ... I myself am not too keen on such terminological distinctions).

Here goes. There are evangelicals who do not consider that they might be wrong and there are evangelicals who consider that they might be wrong. (Ditto, of course, for "liberals").

It can then get a bit complex. Evangelicals unable to entertain the possibility that they are wrong might be right! Evangelicals open to correction might need correcting.

My serious point is that communication and dialogue is easier to conduct with those open to the possibility that they are wrong than with those who are closed to the possibility.

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