Saturday, February 13, 2010

I would be surprised if the door was shut

Much analysis of the C of E GS motion about ACNA is going on. A wedge in the door for ACNA? Nothing to be concerned about for TEC and ACoC? I think the latter misses a point: the final motion may have kicked ACNA's desire for communion with the C of E (the initial motion) for touch, but it did not stop the game being played on (which the Synod could have done with, e.g., 'let's move to the next business').

As TEC moves to (almost certainly) confirm the Glasspool election, and as it appears to be making a move against South Carolina's subsidiary authority to decide what happens to property within its own diocesan boundaries, the wider Communion, to say nothing of the C of E itself, will be pressed to come up with an adequate answer to this question: is the Communion inclusive of conservative Anglicans or not?

I take it that a refusal to condemn TEC by the likes of the C of E GS is a measure of a reluctance to exclude those trying to find ways to be inclusive of gay and lesbian Anglicans. But that unwillingness to be exclusive of progressive Anglicans is very likely to also be an unwillingness to be exclusive of conservative Anglicans.

Providing ACNA holds together, and wishes to be in communion with the Communion, I would be surprised if the C of E shut the door on thoses wishes anytime soon.

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