Friday, February 25, 2011


Natural disasters and theodicy go together like husband and wife. I am not saying which is the natural disaster and which is the correctional facility granted to humankind, but it could have something to do with the one who cannot multitask ...

Seriously, theodicy will be a significant challenge for the Christians of Canterbury and beyond in the days ahead. Well, for reasons of a house shift (pre-planned before the quake) I cannot do much about theodicy, and a change of telephone connection means sometime offline, so what better way to do theodicy than to delegate it to others.

In particular I encourage you to head to Tim Harris at Hikanos for some introductory thinking!


Ephraim RAdner said...

Please know, Peter, that many, many people from around the world are praying for you and your neighbors in Christchurch. and we are praying for a faith that can, in Christ's grace, endure and triumph over the otherwise overwhelming realities you are all facing and feeling. The Lord tak you all by the hand and lead -- and carry -- you!

Tim Harris said...

I'm quite sure to know I can't take on the whole 'theodicy' debate, but I have posted some further thoughts here

I hope your move goes well, and some semblance of 'normality' begins to shape your life (never the same again, but order and routine is essential to well-being)

Anonymous said...

What Ephraim Radner said!
I hope Kiwi expatriates around the world will be chipping in with money to rebuild the Garden City.
blessings and prayers,
Peter 'Palaiologos'