Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Liturgy of Cathedral Rebuilding

After Saturday's news of how badly damaged our Anglican cathedral is (by the way, the Roman catholic cathedral is basically as badly damaged), the 'liturgy of cathedral rebuilding' has begun to be written on the letter pages of the Press. By 'liturgy' I mean familiar, expected things said as part of a corporate expression of feeling about important things, wheeled out as the occasion suits as though the script was set down ages ago.

Yesterday there were letters about the rebuilt cathedral being an interdenominational ecumenical cathedral.

"Let there be a cathedral for all people to use as they see fit" chants half the congregation.

Today there is a letter urging - reminiscent of something said in the gospels - that the insurance money for both cathedrals be used for the poor. Graciously the writer allows that a small 'chapel' might be built once housing has been supplied for the poor and a rest-home built for the indigent elderly.

"Let not there be a cathedral built by anyone for everyone, but bless the poor with the largesse of insurance" chants the other half in antiphonal response :).

I expect the next letters will counter-tack:

"Let the Lord be glorified by rebuilding the cathedrals, for God is great and we can both worship God and assist the needy."

And so the foreordained script for a secular, liberal, democratic society built on Anglican foundations with strong Roman Catholic presence shall unfold, according to type!

On a very serious note, let nothing be rebuilt in Christchurch and its environs for a while. This report tells us what has been whispered around, but unaccountably not made the news till now: there is a high chance for a year or two of another major quake.

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