Monday, August 1, 2011

Cardboard Cathedral for Christchurch

Yesterday it was announced to the world that there is a plan for a temporary new cathedral for Christchurch to be built out of cardboard. Think very solid cardboard tubes, not cardboard boxes! Here is a picture of the envisaged design:

You can read all about it here.
Members of the Diocese of Christchurch will be informed about this exciting new development as they read their copies of The Press this morning, or browse, or Anglican Taonga.

PS Light blogging over next week or so as work deadlines and duties need to be met and fulfilled.


Anonymous said...

Just insert Tab A into Slot B. Bob's your uncle!

Anonymous said...

Just don't light any candles!

Pageantmaster said...

Suppose it rains? Won't it get a bit soggy and squishy?

Anonymous said...

Soggy and squishy? In my Episcopal church, that is doctrine.

Pageantmaster said...

What about one of these?

Unknown said...

I posted a comment/question on the subject of a multi-denominational Cardboard Cathedral in Bosco's website (at and he pointed me to your blog on the subject.

Some of the main part of what I asked:
... what would be the factors for and against having a temporary cathedral that is cross-denominational?? I tend to think that some who had suggested this for the permanent replacement were wrong ...[with all that goes on in the several large building complexes ... but also due to some “technical” issues with church rules, which I don’t really understand].

But for the temporary cathedral, I would quite like to see it being used by several congregations that have lost their main meeting places… it would be a tricky job scheduling crowds in and out perhaps, but [what about the] “red tape”… to do with (say) Catholic rules about what can be the “seat” of the Bishop; like Church Property Trustees restrictions, etc? Is it something never attempted before? What do others think?

Peter Carrell said...

Thank you one and all for fascinating, (potentially) fruitful, and fund suggestions/comments.

I am sure the cardboard cathedral will be made of water proof, flame proof cardboard!

As for it being an ecumenical cathedral: I am sure if it is available for orchestras and the like it should be available for other churches to use.

Loud Layman said...

Would such a cathedral be moveable? I mean does it sit upon the ground it has it foundations?