Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quite a good night really

Made it back from a lovely training session in Hokitika yesterday in time for NZ v France (39-17 [corrected: 37-17]) and learned later that the NZ Warriors beat the Melbourne Storm 20-12 to secure a place in the National Rugby League Grand Final - only the second time the Warriors have made it to the GF. The All Blacks were brilliant. Each of their five tries were spectacular. The whole game was exciting to watch. But pray that we do not have that referee again in any of our knock out games. And in breaking church news I am off soon to hear one of our trainees preach :)

On a more serious note re church news, George Conger reminds us of the ways in which all is not well in the Anglican Communion if we are thinking in terms of a bunch of happy campers with ++Rowan as the camp director.


Father Ron Smith said...

George Conger, who often writes in the 'Church of England Newspaper' is a well-known critic of T.E.C. & Archbishop Rowan Williams - and an advocate for the Global South Primates who have just launched their own initiative towards the Chinese Christian Church, without the permission of the A.C.C.

Mr Conger is a frequent commentator on the 'evils' of TEC and the Anglican Church of Canada, as well as a supporter of ACNA - the faux-Anglican Church in North America.

It's sad, Peter, that have lauded the 'fair play' of the All blacks and the Crusaders, while yet also being seen to share Conger's view of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Otherwise, why would you commend his article on your blog?

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ron,
When I link to an article I am linking to an article. I may or may not agree with everything said in the article. I may or may not have a view on whether the writer of the article is a fair or unfair, biased or unbiased journalist/commentator/etc.

On this blog I have a transparent interest in conservative Anglicanism within the life of the Communion and thus it is more rather than less likely that I will link to people such as David Virtue and George Conger because they are among the more prolific of reporters on conservative Anglicanism. They also have a view on TEC etc, though one it strikes me is more vitriolic than the other in relation to such views, and the one you take exception to here is not that one.

Anonymous said...

Curb your enthusiasm, Sir: it was only 37 points, not 39.
But huzzah for Israel ben Dagg the Crusader - a name to cheer every Christian Kiwi heart! Deus le vult! Next month in Jerusalem!

Godrey of Boulogne

Lucy said...

What the Conger article misses is the sense of vibrancy and enthusiasm which pervades the communiqué – these guys are buzzing!

For a long time I’ve been thinking, surely the Global South and other conservative groups won’t stay in the Communion, surely they’ll get totally cheesed off and exit. But no! Wait! There’s more!

The communiqué reminded me in many ways of the piece written about AMIE by Chris Sugden and Vinay Samuel recently (did I find my way to it from the great ADU?)

They write:
‘In the Arab Spring, those seeking change made straight for the central square, the focus of national life and identity and occupied it. They were claiming it belonged to them ... They did not say that they were forming another nation. They did not say that they would emigrate. They went to the central public space and occupied it in order to state clearly that the square and what it stands for was theirs. They stood together, in a way that the authorities could not control, to claim their heritage.
AMIE is a standing together that demonstrates a different way of doing things.
It is a process of moving to the public square of Church of England life and saying: "We will not be robbed of our Anglican identity. We will not be marginalized ... We will find a way of being faithfully Anglican in being true to the Bible which does not depend on you."’

I would suggest that the Communion is in the middle of a ‘seismic episode’ that outranks our own. I wonder how many cherished landmarks will survive ... and where the new ‘CBD’ will be located ... and ... well, lots and lots of things really.

Lucy Eban

liturgy said...

Peter, you exaggerate!

The score was 37-17!