Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good news, bad news

The bad news: Dan Carter out of the World Cup with a groin injury, [insert your team's misfortunes if on the next flight home], oh, and on Friday, five minutes before leaving home for a Diocesan Discernment Weekend I learned that the engineers have recalculated the 'strength' of Theology House/St Mary's Church Hall and determined it is less than the 33.33% of full earthquake resistance required for a building to be occupied, so we are out of the building ... but not out of action!

The good news: we had a profitable day at a Theology and Church Architecture conference last Wednesday (reported by me at Taonga), the All Blacks are rocking along, the Diocesan Discernment Weekend went very well (and the drive through Hororata and Rakaia Gorge to Pudding Hill on Friday and back today was superb), and some decisions about the future of Theology House are actually going to be simplified by the decision of the engineers.

But overall, reflecting on the news of insurers not offering earthquake insurance on church buildings, we are in for some very choppy waters, the 'we' being all churches in New Zealand. Thank you for your prayers.

Postscript: for readers who use Theology House, we are still contactable via phone (leave a message), email, and news will be posted on the web. We will be able to retrieve our books, but cannot be sure when we will be able to resume full library services from a new location. We intend to run our advertised courses between now and the end of the year.

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