Thursday, May 31, 2012

Round Up

In NZ we have a weedkiller called Round Up. So in this brief 'round up' you can work out whether it is just a round up of items or a few weeds (i.e. weedy arguments and ideas) that are being dealt to (with thanks to correspondent who alerted me to a couple of items).

Bob Dylan masquerading as a NT academic

Ploughing a farrow in the debate about marriage (warning: quite a lot to consider here as many stones are turned over)

The future of the cathedral in Christchurch may turn on an international tour of inspiring cathedrals and other churches: can weedy ideas about restoring the unrestorable be dealt to?

Meanwhile diocesan duties and deadlines down weigh upon me!

UPDATE: Am keeping an eye on the blogging from the Cathedral tour ... I cannot see any yet (lunch-time 4 June 2012), but I had not noticed before this PDF setting out where the tour is going. I must say that I see some designs there as more inspiring than others; and some as more stark than others. In the end, I think we are going to need a cathedral with the 'warmth' that the present one has. A cathedral with some of the 'old world charm' of Neo Gothic allied with lots of light (a sign of the South Pacific) and features which anchor our new cathedral into its South Pacific cultural, historical, theological and geographical heritage.

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Bryden Black said...

Bob Dylan himself of course calls God "the commander-in-chief" unashamedly.